Directions for Our Blog

Directions for Our Blog:

If you are just now joining us, please go to the list at the bottom of the blog and navigate to August and then to Day 1 which is August 25th. (Usually you will get Day 4 first, but if you scroll down from there you should get to Day 1.)

I have been getting lots of comments from anonymous on the blog in the comments, I have no ideal if these are legit or not and I will not respond to them
 I will be glad to answer your questions, please leave an e-mail address or write me direct. Thanks

UPDATE;   12/29/13   Finally got to update our flkr account with more pics,,  go to

All of the pictures are under sets,,,, clik on them,    they all start with ALASKA RIVERS, ALASKA ANDY,,  so forth,,   if you have a problem write me at my above email and let me know..thanks

Hope you enjoy our travels!

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  1. Great trip,thanks for sharing.
    It is always interesting to add new places,adventures to our memory disc and see what is beyond the mountain.